Sunday, August 07, 2005

Lighting: Ring flashes

Lately, they have been quite a bit of discussions in several forums regarding the value and utility of using a ring flash, in particular for portrait photography. Ever seen those portraits without hard shadows, where usually the ring flash look can be seen in the eyes?

Commercial ring flashes tend to be expensive, specially the the ones powerfull enough to provide enough ilumination for portraits. A couple of people came up with DIY projects to the rescue! I haven't been able to try them yet but definately would be interested in hear your experiences with them

a) A somehow simple design using a baking pan and an old strobe.

b) A complex but very professional design can be had at

c) And if you don't want a ring design, how about a triangular flash setup? Check this post at Fred Miranda's site (requires registration)

Also a couple of good articles on the benefits of ring flashes for macro photography can be found here:

Macro of stamps and coins
Deep green photography

Seen any additional designs? Would love to hear about them.


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